Monday, October 14, 2013

Top 10 reasons why your website can be banned by Google

Today we will take time to go over a few things that can get your website banned:

1.  Over-optimization: 

If your website is too perfect at SEO, oddly enough, that Google won't like it, means that you focus too much on SEO and not your users

2. Purchased links: 

This is something against which Google has been fighting a long time, it is very difficult to know if a link is purchased or not, often purchased links seem natural and web are unfairly penalized. So, if you buy links, do it carefully

3.  Hidden Content: 

Hidden content makes Google gets very angry. Not showing a consistency in your content to users as well as  Google is a big mistake

4. Slow Loading Time: 

The loading speed is a very important factor for Google, having a website with a very slow loading speed will fall sharply in search results

5. SPAM in your comments: 

The SPAM not only affects the spammer, it also affects the one being spammed, be careful with the comments you have on your blog and remove those suspicious comments, an excess of these can cause a penalty

6.  Excess of Back Links:

 Exchanging links has been a very common practice, was a "win-win" until Google decided that hair did not like the lack of naturalness in such links.

7. Keyword stuffing: 

SEO SEO SEO SEO SEO SEO SEO SEO SEO SEO SEO SEO SEO SEO SEO SEO ... penalty. Make use of keywords in a logical manner without losing content, Google is very effective in detecting the keyword stuffing.

8. Stolen Content: 

Do not steal content! Create your own and avoid a penalty deserved

9. Exploiting meta-keywords: 

At first it was very easy to manipulate the rankings with the meta-keywords but now can be penalized if you use unethical. Recommendation: If only you optimize for Google, eliminate them completely.

10. Giving Black Hat Advice: 

It's very simple, if you give tips on how to Black Hat, you will be penalized

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