Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to write when you're not inspired

There's days in which Muse is not your friend, and leaves you alone as if it was telling you 
"You're on your own, deal with it!" If today is one of those days and inspiration is gone, don't think everything is lost, because, there's ways to help you create a good content even if you're not inspired.

The mos important thing is not to feel overwhelmed, and over all you must search well, What can you do when you're not inspired?

Cure Content

Of course you have your top 10 sites that you use as a pattern when it comes to writing an article. You can create a small recap with all the best news from each blog in a frequent basis, and you will be serving your readers with useful and interesting information. With this being said, you will be killing two birds with one bullet, you will have fresh content and up to date, and alse you will create a different post from the ones you usually do.

Ask your friends and followers

There's nothing better than writing something interesting for those who read you, and when you're missing inspiration you see all that your friends  followers and fans will like to read on your blog. Take a peak on to what is being talked about on social networks, Twitter in this case can be a great ally. Create filters related to the theme/subject of your blog and organize all the information that you see that is alike, then give a personal touch and make a post of your own with updated content.

Escaping traditional formats

There's a lot of kinds of contents that you can do. Escape from the traditional post in which you show text with many images and jump into another kind of content, like interviews, blog collaborations, recaps, info-graphics, etc. A good content is the one that is done with love and desire, and of course, asking the collaboration of other bloggers so they comment and/or answer your questions as to any topic (interviews), this could be something that could fascinate your readers. Asides from these kinds of content, you must link each one of the bloggers you will interview , it will help you to get organic back links.

Create Content, even when you don't need it

We can make researches on specific data that we would like to bring into our blog. We just need to be creative, original and knowing how to filter information. For example, conduct a study on to which kind of data would help your users. Write your thoughts on this topics, and give them your personal idea about it, of course using some "literature", give an opinion about this data and you may come up with wonderful conclusions. In the end, what matters most, are your conclusions and your own examples, never forget this, don't forget this.

Reactivate posts

Do you thing that once you make a post, you must forget about it, Not at all! Check those posts that worked better for you , read the content and look if you could turn it around adding  something else to the old content. This simple gesture will help you reactivate those old rusty posts so they continue to drive traffic to your blog, and those who just needed some updates or text or images, so they continue to be useful and read.

Do something to inspire yourself

Live through my words, you're sitting in front of your PC and you don't know what to write about. Minutes go by, hours go by and you still have nothing, not even a word. (*cough* fixes her throat) Excuse me, Do you think that by being there all sittin' in your chair staring at the monitor real closely you'll get something? Get UP and DISCONNECT  go for a walk, listen to music, read a good book, go see a good movie.

Breathe some fresh air so you can unplug and enjoy of these new ideas to feed your creativity, it will make you break the routine and you will for sure be back on your computer with another mind set and wanting to create new content.

You will have plenty of options when it comes to great ideas to create a great content, the most important thing for you to know how to keep a good blog updated, is not always pure original content. This post is a clear example that not too long ago we made a Blogging 101 for Rookies, and some more posts on content ideas!

Thanks for reading! Enjoy

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