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20 tricks to make your users fall in love on social networks

Hello guys! I hope you all have been well, today we will expand a bit more on making your users interact more with your brand by changing your approach to them.

Because many companies make the huge mistake of going viral without the human touch, I know we're on the internet through wires and metal organs, but behind every user, there's a person who feels and share what they love, so here's some tips on how to become that something your users truly love!

What makes a company start in the passionate world of social networks? This is the question we ask ourselves every day. Why the brand had created a Facebook profile or a Twitter account, to talk , talk and talk exclusively about their brand? What had them think that they know what users really like? 
The fact that a brand or company has presence in social networks, doesn't mean that fans or followers that reach them will like or follow for social's sake. You must give them something back, add value, attractive content and with information that makes them interested and have them share this information with the rest of their friends, but...Who can we become the perfect brand on social networks?

"In the past you were what you had, now you are what you share"

Godfried Bogaard

It is not about interacting with your users just to interact, but to make it in a natural way and that comes our "naturally" and that way of interacting make your followers feel comfortable and involved in your brand.

"Companies who understand Social Media are the ones that say with their messages: I see you, I hear you and I care about you"
Trey Pennington 
And here they are 20 tips and tricks to make them fall in love with your brand 

1. Give value to what you post.

2. Don't use automated updates. They are useless and totally impersonal.

3. Show that behind your brand there's a person that worries about the user.

4. Don't be afraid to show yourself as you are.

5. Share pictures and videos, don't focus only on text. Make these picture have a piece of you to make them stand out.

6. Your users are there, so ask them for opinions, What do they need? What are they looking for when they visit your company? Why they follow you?

7. Control the frequency of posts. Do not saturate, is always better a little bit that's worth it, than a lot that worth's nothing.

8. Be constant and always communicate with the same tone.

9. Have diversity in your content. Questions, Images, surveys, videos, quotes, etc...There are thousands of ways to make an impact in your users. Use them!

10. Always analyze the engagement of your message, so you can create a strategy and perfection it every time closer to your user's likes.

11. Ask for less and give more, don't get your audience tired asking them to retweet or share or comment you content. Give them something back and you'll see the difference!

12. Help with inquiries and questions. Always give a answer to what they need, even if it's an "I don't know that answer well, but we'll reply to you as soon as possible, Thanks".

13. Offer something unique, that makes you stand out in front of your competition. What make users follow a brand while not their competition? Look for that added value.

14. Always make your followers feel unique and important.

15. Treat them like people, not like another number, which makes your numbers go up on social networks.

16. Answer when they ask, there's nothing worst than an user standing in doubt, and days go by and they don't see an answer.

17. Share social love, if you see some interesting content from other blogs, or other communities, share them, enriches the community.

18. Plan your content.

19. Improvisation is good. There's nothing better than being spontaneous and seize the moment.

20. Plan and measure, and if you see that works, change it. Don't focus on doing the same thing over and over, is fundamental to evolve, it will always keep your followers in awe.

Where's the secret sauce? It DOESN'T exists! like everything, the great secret is to find the perfect combination between quality and quantity to give all you've got on social networks. What matters is always the day to day work. Those little actions show others that they are important and this adds value to your brand.

If you want to grow inside out, there's nothing to measure, and overall observe what happens around you. And the truth is that most of the time we don't pay attention to what really matters.

I hope you loved this reading, thanks for following us and stay tuned for more 

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