Friday, September 13, 2013

The Importance Of Freedom of Speech and Web Hosting

I happened to bump into this  awesome post by Jimmy Atkinson from 's Blog about Free Speech Web Hosting, for controversial sites. It called my attention because I am very open  to what people think & feel, and to me, it is their right to express their opinion. 

Lately, it seems that certain things are NOT OK to say, even on the internet, where it seemed everyone could truly be themselves.

Of course we have to acknowledge that certain things such as child pornography, violence, torture, fraud, mail bombing, denial of service attacks (DDOS), or even hosting illegal content, among other things are out of question.

Aside from that, we're talking about a very delicate subject. Since in the off-line world it seems to be a great deal more prevalent  looking at it this way, most countries are at this very moment in a protest, civil war or some kind of violent/non-violent disruption of daily life because of their rights being taken for granted. In most cases lack of Freedom of Speech is the number one cause.

We already have 99% of Media being controlled, elaborated and re-revised almost 10 times before it sees the light of day,  you would also like to add banning people online just because they're exercising their human rights.

So How Does this Affect Me?

When it comes to Web Hosting, most of them do not take any risks with controversial websites. The minute you post something that seems to be opposed to what they (society leaders) think, your website will definitely be warned, put down and even banned for days, if not weeks, or months. Just to give you an example, we'll take the WikiLeaks case, of which received thousands of cyber attacks and their Visa/Master Card account blocked. Things like these could leave you in bankruptcy and damage your reputation in no time.

It is not only about leaking classified files, but also Taboo subjects such as Human rights activism, Cyber Activism, Marijuana Legalization or Heath care, even speaking out against big companies for a bad service could result in a violation of freedom of speech!

What are the Solutions for those with High Risk or Controversial Websites?

I would suggest for you to find a Hosting company that still believes in  Freedom, and on Jimmy's Post : Free Speech Web Hosting: The Best Web Hosts for Controversial Sites (2013) 
he points out the best Web Hosts that will have no problem with your controversial content.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did putting it together for you! Have an Awesome Weekend and stay tuned!

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