Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pay-per-Click Basics and benefits!

Now we're moving forward into step 3, Pay-per-Click, now you can upgrade what you've been doing with SEO, now you can choose the age, sex, city, state, likes, and anything else you can think of for your desired audience, with PPC. How? I'll show you!

 PPC or Pay-per-Click, is another form of online marketing which involves online advertising based on specific information as you pay per every click that successfully access your website, providing a more accurate conversion rate from people who are some how interested in your product or services, to people who were actually looking for your business niche, and will at some point turn into costumers.

In other words, the benefits of PPC are :

• Geographically choose where you want your advertisement to be shown.

• You decide the budget that you want to invest on your advertising campaign.

• PPC is always convenient, since you only pay whenever someone actually clicks on the ad.

• The potential delivered by PPC it is very short term, you can start seeing results fast.

• PPC campaigns help position your brand, because even if prospects do not click your add, they see it and with that you achieve presence on search engines.

• PPC campaigns are very flexible, easy to measure and allow quick fixes.

When a potential costumer sees your PPC Ad, this has to motivate him to click on it and drive him to your website. Driving possible costumers to your website is just one part of the process, the following is once on your site make the conversion from prospect to costumer, and that's our part.

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