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The close relationship between SEO and Social Media

If you are one of those who believe in the co-relationship between SEO and Social Media is little or non-existent and that they must be two different and separated techniques, allow me to give you some bad news: with a thought like the previous one you will start to build a huge barrier between your social ranking and success.

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SEO it's increasingly linked to Social Media (and this is not a news flash), since Google launched Google Plus at the beginning of 2012, the results are, every time,  more and more personalized, besides, Google seems to be telling us with the (Not Provided) that we must stop thinking in the positioning as we have seen it until now.

What is Social Search?

social search

With Social Search, i mean the way a search engine uses the information taken from your social networks to personalize your search results while using the Search Engines.

This information can be pages that you follow on Facebook or people that you are connecting with in Twitter or Google+, these results are prioritized for search engines. Same way, it also prioritizes the content that has been shared in social networks by "Influencers", even if they're not directly connected with you.

So, Why is Social Media so important?

social Media Importance

Asides from the obvious reasons you can think of, like if you have a profile on any of the main social networks we will link easier, let's stop thinking about links for a second and let's use as an example how can a good social media strategy affect in positioning.

Imagine you have an online store for scissors, and it happens to be that your scissors are, in fact the most original and sharpest cutting scissors ever created, made of pure stainless steel. Your focus is centered in costly link building strategies and content generation, while your closest competitor, who has lower quality scissors, has a huge presence in social networks.

What will happen then? Is the world backwards? Well, that huge amount of people who follows your competitor on social networks, and simultaneously all the people who is connected to them will have as a priority your competitor as a result in any future search.

Darn it! Because if we add to that, that most people trust more in a product if a friend or acquaintance recommends it, you will be losing even more sales and this turns into a vicious cycle: while more people follows you on social networks you will be visible for more people and as a result , more followers.

Now, What do I do?

Treat Social Media as it was SEO

Analyze everything, and with this I mean, you have to know which content works in your social networks, what kind of people follow you, what kind of people you want to be followed by, what is it that they like and what is it from your web that attracts potential new clients:

•  Make a list with the kind of content that are most shared and/ or commented in your social networks and which keywords are related to this content, Is this content strong in your social network as well as your positioning? If it is, it is time that we take advantage of that and optimize it even more.

•  Now is time to make a list with keywords for which we want to position, are you positioned as you really want? No?  Use your social networks to give a little push to those keywords you want to be on top off. This as always without taking exceeding, use every once in a while these keywords in your social network updates and when you find convenient publish something with a link to your web.

A quick advise: Asides from social networks and Geo targeting, it is really hard to know exactly what is our ranking in search engines, the best way to know it is accessing Google's Webmaster Tools > Traffic > Search Queries, where Google will give you a list of keywords and an average position in which you are ranknng.

Common sense and love

common sense

We have said it and will not want to repeat it. To Boos Web Seo, common sense is the factor that brings much more success for social networks as well as ranking. Don't play with Google nor with your users, give them what they are looking for and the satisfaction level will increase, so your content will bemore relevant for Google.

That's a Wrap!

The content has to be at it's highest quality, we walk in an "info-xicated" world and we need new different content, with personality and to add value to the reader. Nevertheless, in this case i would like to advise you that are reading me, DON'T LEAVE GOOGLE ASIDE!. Goolge+ is the long forgotten in all strategies, but trust me, it will help I'm completely sure Google+ will be, in a not-so-far future, the key factor that will most influence in Google searches.

Thanks for reading!


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