Monday, June 3, 2013

Social Media Marketing, Basics

Awesome, so now you must have your website at its best, with your Web design, your Web development, SEO, E-commerce and even Pay per click. But you're still missing the most important part! SOCIALIZING! You need to get your brand out there and build a reputation.

Let's explain what Social Media Marketing is and how it works:

You have a brand, and then there's social networks... what you try to do is to spread the word around and gain reputations (good one, of course!) so everyone knows that YOUR product or service is the best in town, if not in your country or the world! And yes it takes the old word of mouth technique, but applied into Social Networks.

You must find the specific places where there are people interested in your type of product or service so you let them know you're here!

There are many important social networks that you may want to have a profile in, these are the following:

Google+: It is one of the most left behind social networks, but one of the most important, because if there's somebody you want to be good to is Google.

Facebook: Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg we have created the biggest online community ever seen, even they have a close tie with Twitter, but it is true that almost 6M people visit  Facebook every day to share their information, making this monster site a top place to be.

Twitter: Like Facebook, Twitter has also changed for better over the years, and continues to expand in popularity. It centers in, what some like to call, Microblogging and a 140 character limit. Twitter has become a popular social network of choice for mobile web users who own smartphones and tablets, meaning there's no reason for you  not to have one!

LinkedIn:  Many times overlooked, this is the social network for professionals to connect, LinkedIn is right behing Twitter and Facebook. You can promote yourself and your business, make connections with other businesses 

Youtube: Nothing compares to YouTube when it comes to video sharing; even though is owned by Google, YouTube is still recognized as an individual social network of its own, and one that revolves entirely around video production, Vlogging, Movie-Making and music sharing. 

So these are the top Social Networks you'd like to be on since these are the mos visited ones, they also seem to be very relevant for Google. So gear up and let's get Social!



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