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Increase your sales with E-commerce

Hey guys, I hope you're all enjoying the reading because I am enjoying the writing. This post is about how E-Commerce can increase your sales, even while you're sleeping.

Sales up

Most people like to display their products and services online, but most of them don't have an online store of their own, they usually have to use tools that are external to their website. This is where integration plays a major roll when it comes to selling strategies, because by allowing your costumer to purchase in the safety and convenience of your website it makes it really easy for them to buy.

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Most people don't feel motivated to buy an item or service from any company that redirects them to another website to buy their product.

We have always seen very interesting companies with loads of needs, who are convinced that the problem is in the market or the users, and not in the way that they promote their product or, more straight forward, the way they think.

Shopping cart with E on it

Let's put the following example: 

A company lacking the basic concept of an online business:

There was no plan, no positioning, no social networks, no analytics (An online store with NO analytics!!), nothing at all.

After a while of working on it,  you realize that the most important thing of all was not having a good SEO plan, nor having a good strategy in social networks... this, obviously helped the whole puzzle, but what really tuned out to be of benefit, was to apply common sense and start working with passion for each and every one of the users that visited the site. And it is because sometimes we lack common sense, did I say “sometimes” ? Many times I should have said, we focus too much on the fact that others are doing it wrong too, and we use this as an excuse.

There are thousands of recruitment/loyalty strategies that we could talk about, thousands of marketing strategies on social networks, thousand more on SEO, but I would like to focus today on those important things that DID multiply exponentially store sales, all of them brutally logical and more surprisingly, that most companies are lacking in these details.

1. Time of response: Answering all the questions the users may have in the shortest time possible, for example, in less than an hour.


2. Being online the maximum time possible: Especially in those moments that more users are connected, usually withing your working hours.

White male saying ok with his hands, it reads Be smart Be online

3. Customize each and every one of your messages: Nothing that seems automated, make your users feel unique!

challkboard that reads content is king

4. Customize all transactional messages, invoices and copies: of your store with a warmer language, that engages and generates a good feeling for your company. This is a small example or a "Thanks for shopping" email response:

Hello John!
Do you know who's our favorite client?
We have received your order and will send it as soon as possible. If you want, you can check the status by logging into your account and clicking on "My Orders".
Don't worry, we will send you another email when we send it; in the mean time, we will find the fastest delivery guys to get the package to your home quick, it just couldn't be other way!

Caucasian female with thumbs up

5. Stop bothering your users with offers: in social networks or poorly customized messages, you need to separate as much possible your users by likes and behaviors.

heart that says attention seeker

6. Take your own pictures of each and every one of your products.

girl holding a camera

7. Make videos helping your costumers choose your products.


8. Involve all areas in the whole process: it is not enough to have really cool content in your social networks, you also need them all over your online presence.

four little man holding a jigsaw of four pieces

So as you see, there's nothing on this list you wouldn't understad, it doesn't take a guru to sell more using your online store, what it really takes is that you put a little more love on to the project (Well, also that you have a good product, that I will suppose, otherwise, it will be hard to sell.)

Once you have these basic steps well taken care of, it will be an interesting moment (?) in a good SEO campaign, a good plan in Social Media or in loyalty E-commerce campaign.


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