Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Top 10 ideas on Pawn shop blogging

We as an SEO company have multiple new tasks and new learning to do, this happened to me when I was assigned to do Pawn Shop blogging... I was LOST!

I didn't knew much, as the rest of the world, about pawn shop but what it is said and told to us since we are little, it is a place to sell things when you need fast cash, a place where people sell stolen stuff and so many other stories we could spend a few posts on it.

So how do we approach such a stigmatized niche? Simple answer is , investigating all there is to know about them, so first thing i went on and did was to try to use posts that would better the reputation of the industry, like educational posts regarding pawn shop procedures, requirementes, etc...

Here i leave you a few more ideas for those pawn shop bloggers out there whom may be just starting fresh:

1. Products you sell

Use the first thing you have in hand! Your products :)

2. Offers/Coupons

Nice discounts will always drive new costumers to you.

3. Gemstones:

 People don't know much about their meaning, origin, etc... Illustrate your clients

4. Antiques

Everyone loves antique items, at least one. They will always bring a memory or two back.

5. Story of pawn shops

It is never too late to show people they've been here since forever and also are part of the economy of the nation.

6. Educational posts on to pawn shop procedures

A well educated client is a best consumer!

7. New items: 

Your people want to know what's new, you never know when you may get someone's interest with something new.

8. Answer questions: 

Companies whom are open to questions and suggestions gets more clients and build better relationships

9. Services offered/New Services: 

Keep your people informed on what's new!

10. Inside the Shop:

Talk about your employees, regular costumers, pictures of the inside and outside of the shop, etc...

Hope i have helpend once more with this post, since sometimes is hard to get inspired to write, even if you're an awesome writer.

Keep you posted! Ask Questions! Post Comments! and don't forget to quote with us!


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