Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Top 5 PPC Common Mistakes

Here is top 5 common mistakes when running PPC campaigns, that may hurt your pocket and your online ranking as well. So be very careful when choosing a PPC company to do the work for you, they may need to avoid these:

1. Bidding Broad - It’s very important not being laid back when setting up a Pay Per Click campaign. Every industry has their powerful keywords that bring the most traffic but there are also many more variation of keywords that are being searched. The more you focus on the “long tail keywords”, the less you’re going to pay per click. Furthermore, your ads will be ranked higher if the keyword is closer matched. Turn your 100 keywords and make them into 200 by just looking at your web statistics for exact keyword variations people use to search for your product.

2. Avoiding Geo-targeting - Even if what you sell works all over US or world, people are still more keen on using a local provider or at least a company that recognizes “their state”. It’s just a psychological thing. Google and other search engines allow you to geo-target your PPC ads by state. Create 50 ads and drop in the state name inside the ad. You will surely get a higher click through rate (CTR) and thus a lower CPC. Furthermore … right from the start, your visitor will know that you “recognize” their location.

3. Lack of “Exact Tracking” - You must be able to track every visit to your site from PPC advertising by the exact keyword, campaign and ad group used. To do so you can set variables ( or integrate your PPC campaigns with your website analytics software. This is the only way you can really calculate the effectiveness of every keyword you use to get traffic.

4. Not Using Keywords in Ad Copy - This is a simple one. Put keywords into your ad copy for which you are serving the ad. Not only will your ad be more relevant but the keywords in it are going to be bold.

5. Not Calling Google - Ok, I am not a fan of being a “rat” or telling on someone, but my friend … when it comes to business and playing fair, you have every right to raise a flag when you see a competitor engaging in bad techniques. You’ll notice some of your competitors creating multiple accounts and having 2 ads simultaneously on the Google PPC results page. Google has a policy against this. Call Google and let them know if your competitor is doing anything that’s against the rules of the search engine. You’ll be amazed how quickly they take care of the problem.

What sets us apart from the competition on accounts of PPC is our meticulous attention to detail. We first analyze the client's company & expected goals, whether it be lead generation or straight-on promotion of products or services. 

We then do keyword research and come up with an extensive list of keywords and targets to find the perfect and affordable combination for our clients. After a short test run, we then filter & modify to ensure our clients are satisfied with our end result and generate QUALITY traffic, as apposed to a plethora or un-wanted traffic.

At the end of the day, our goal is to guarantee an excellent ROI. (otherwise it wouldn't be worth the while)


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Source: SEO Moz
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